Enhancing current natural habitat

If you have a natural area such as a woodlot, meadow, or wild flower garden on your property we are happy to help improve the areas visual appeal and wildlife value. Woodlots can be improved by adding some native flowering trees, or enhance the autumn show by adding some plants with vibrant fall foliage. Expanding woodlots is a great way to increase the ecological services your landscape offers wildlife We design and install edge plantings which typically expand woodlots 5-20’ but if space allows it can be larger. Edges of woodlots receive lots of sunlight. Sunlight translates into more energy for increased flowering, enhanced fall foliage, and heavier fruit/seed production.  In addition biodiversity on the landscape is increased because different species of plants grow in the sunny edge, than grow in the filter light of interior woodlots.

If you already have an area in your landscape designated as meadow, or wildflower garden, we can document the current plant species that are there, and offer suggestions for increasing both biodiversity and aesthetics of the area. In addition we can explain or perform management practices that will increase the sites benefit to wildlife.

Let us enhance your landscapes current natural habitat. We will apply elements of landscape design that increase the areas visual appeal, but still look natural, and use plants to attract species you wish to see more of on your property.

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